Blatt Experience

The Blatt Group’s experience comprises a variety of contract or per project assignments for heavy, medium and light manufacturing, hospitals, college and university, religious, government, retail, commercial, utility and residential clients. Here are some examples of the capabilities we offer and the problems we solve.

Case Study No. 1

Case Study 1

An acute care facility called in Blatt to help them decide the quickest, most cost-effective way to replace the floor in their large kitchen area. Rather than removing equipment to another location, Blatt recommended a system of pulleys and ratchet straps to lift 10 machines several inches off the floor so the new floor could be easily installed, saving the hospital on costs and downtime.

Case Study No. 2

Case Study 2

A college needed to seal the inside of a 17 x 17-foot walk-in cooler to meet FDA requirements. Blatt custom-bent and installed stainless steel angles at the bottom of the cooler and used a specialty sealant to allow the cooler to continue operating during installation.

Case Study No. 3

Case Study 3

At a large steelmaker, which has an on-site Blatt team under contract, a 40 mph wind blew off two dozen 20′ x 3′ sheets of steel siding, already weakened by rusting supports. The damage created a potential environmental hazard. Blatt was on-site virtually immediately to assess the damage and within a week, produced custom structural components and reinstalled missing siding.

Case Study No. 4

Case Study 4

A heavy manufacturer was using wooden blocks to raise heavy machine tools off the floor for maintenance. However, the blocks continued to crack due to the weight of the machine. Blatt evaluated the problem and solved it with 12” x 12” x 16” hard rock maple kiln dried laminated blocks that could hold 50 tons.

Case Study No. 5

Case Study 5

A car dealer purchased a property across the highway from its existing lot. The property, which had been vacant, required extensive work to integrate it with the existing operations and meet zoning requirements. Blatt installed new W16 beams and demolished and reconfigured load-bearing walls. Blatt also installed a new stucco and stone façade, new windows, new doors, new roof and replaced the original plumbing and electric.

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